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Friends, Americans of all walks of life,


Are you tired of:


  • Presidential and congressional debates where neither candidate ever answers the question they were asked?

  • Bias and lack of objectivity in the news media?

  • Wanting to learn more about issues, but not having the necessary time (or patience) to devote to intense research of unbiased sources?


 Then I have something that you will like, but I need your help in making it a reality.


I introduce to you:


This site will be a video forum where people can debate issues, and inform themselves.

Unlike other sites, these debates will take place on videos that YOU post, with stringent guidelines, just like a real debate.


Want your voice heard? Post a video.


Want a specific topic discussed? Add it.


Have an issue that specifically affects your local region and you want to debate it? We have a place for that too.


In fact, we'll have a special place for every state, county, city and divisions therein to talk about the unique issues that are important to their region.


You post your reasoning and then everyone then gets to vote for the best argument. And if you disagree with an argument, you have the opportunity to counter-debate it in a video that YOU post. 

The best arguments and best counter-arguments rise to the top, and all of us are better informed because of it.


Our goal here is to bring people together to debate issues that affect modern day America.


So whether you are a person who likes to voice his/her opinion, or a person who just wants to listen to opinions on all sides, this site will be for you.


As I said, I need YOUR help to make it happen.


You can donate here, or soon on our fundanything site.



Donate, tell a friend, and let's make this site a reality!






Want to read a bit more about my vision for this site?

Click here to read more.




questions? Email us at:

info(at at)





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Please note: Paypal charges $0.30 per transaction, plus 2.9%. As grateful as I am for every dollar, I will only get $0.67 if you Donate only one dollar. Can I persuade you to donate $2? thanks!)